Habitus in the double sense of garment and dwelling – and inhabit the dress- is an autobiographical work where the artist is exposed through the clothes that marked important events, either happy or tragic , 40 years of her life. These garments, set under vacuum, to represent portraits to which she added a few notes that “if they talked, they would say so many things “because” the importance of a garment is not depending on fashion but on the value it brings in itself “.

The video captures a woman, the artist, split in two: from one side she wears quickly, from the other she undresses slowly. Wearing the dress quickly and removing it with difficulty means she wears the memory without thinking a lot, but with difficulty she moves away from it. It is a blend of feelings, reinforced with the slide projection, where a series of pictures of “reportage” reveal the true story of every dress. Thus, we see the artist alone, or with a child, or as a woman (with the Scottish skirt over his father’s legs; with a homemade vest sewed by her grandmother in event of her graduation) dressed with the same clothes, that she wears in the video one last time, before storing vacuum to seal up memories.

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