RiMembra is a reportage collecting limbs scattered in places and years, connecting them to physical or mental spaces, with no common denominator between them. Each image comes into being by itself, independently, which despite its mutilated form is able, even years later, to evolve into a new image thanks to its forceful
lines. Diptychs and triptychs take shape through chromatic correspondences: the triptych composed of the light seeping into a temple of Taipa (2015) which seems to cross the woman face in the sauna of Lucrino (2010) and to crash into a lake of San Francisco (2012); or conceptual ones, like the desert land in Palestine (2011), a perfect counterpoint to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (2014). Di erent moments reunited over the years that lead to re ection, to the call of mind, generating happy or unhappy memories. Not surprisingly, the theme “Ri” is linked to the noun “membra” (limbs). In this way, the image is able to generate a new one and links develop along the way, creating a paradoxical collage in motion through time, which transcends the single still image.

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